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Woman smart clothes

Invisible wireless design

Woman Smart Clothes


Self care: 24 hours monitor your body temperature.

Smart Clothes

  • Data transmission: wireless active bluetooth long distance

  • Support NFC portable device

  • Range of detection temperature: 10℃ - 45 ℃ (resolution around 0.01)

  • Wireless module is easy to put off / on from your smart clothes

  • NFC version does not need battery

Smart Clothes for female
BT wireless transmitter link the body temperature with smart clothes to your smart phone. Also, It designs invisiblely in side of the smart clthes.

Wireless transmission 

You can monitor Body Temperature by wearing Smart clothe via APP

Mobile application monitor, track and send out alarm if abnormal health condition happens

children Smart Clothes


Monitor your children's health condition anytime & anywhere.


Fever is dangerous for our young ones. We always want to keep a good eye on them and take periodic measurements to ensure that they are making a speedy and healthy recovery. However, taking periodic measurements during the long nightly hours are quite tiring. Here, our product will help you with the task to increase the quality of sleep.

Smart Diaper


Diaper will tell you when it needs to change. 

smart diapers
Smart  Diapers App for adults

Mobile application monitor, track and send out alarm if diaper is wet.

There are times when you are too busy to change it, our smart diaper will notify you. Moreover, not only can the smart diaper measure the humidity inside the diaper, but it is also able to distinguish between stool and urine​

  • Nursing alarm system

  • Wireless bluetooth 4.0 and NFC transmission

We care for the people. Let us help with your inquiries to make your life better.

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