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Smart clothes


Smart diapers

smart clothes

Smart Clothes FAQ

What are smart clothes?

Smart clothes is a sweet novel product which you can wear it as normal clothes as well as monitoring your body temperature easily via wireless bluetooth sensing module inside your clothes i.e. kids kick-off (lost heat) alarm, fever alarm and use in daily normal life without invasive way.

How to lundary the smart clothes?

We suggest you that remove the module and laundry your clothes with laundry net.

What are the merit of smart clothes?

It is easy for everyone to get the precise, accurate measurement continuously and having no worries about children don't like measurement with smart clothes. Moreover, female can know the pregnant period just wearing the smart clothes. 

How long is the warranty of smart cloth?

It is one year warranty for module. Since the clothes is personal clothes, we don't return once you wear it.

How to install the wireless module on smart cloth?

Watch the video below.

How long does the module need to be charged?

We suggest that charge the module once per year and charge it at 20 mins every time.

Can I only buy the module?

Sorry, Smart clothes must compact with module then it would be work.

Can I change if I buy the defective items?

Certainly, we are very sorry about this. Please leave the message to us in our website or jut going to the retailer contact window to meet the customer service.

How to dress the smart clothes on?

Please watch the videos as above.

How to order?

Open Chat with us  to Sinopulsar. We'll try to contact you ASAP. Sinopulsar deals with B2B Sourcer/Agents Only.

Smart Diapers faQ

smart diapers

What is smart diaper?

Smart diaper can detect the urine or feces in it by monitoring via APP to notify caregivers who need s to change smart diapers.

Can the smart diaper reduce frequency of changing rate?

Smart diapers can detect the level of volume you set up to reduce changing rate precisely.

What's the difference between common diaper and smart diaper?

Smart diapers identify when to change the diapers and feces automatically to improve carerecivers' life quality better

Can I use the smart diaper module with normal diaper I used to?

Very sorry, right now our module must match with unique smart diapers.

Does smart diaper measure the urine accurately?

It will be influenced by many factors. After thousand and thousand times experiments and clinical research, we decided to evaluate the humidity percentage instead of how much volume should you change the diapers just because each human being is be vary situation while they use. For example, if you are a sensitive user, smart diapers can be set up humidity 50%. If you think you can afford this humidity, you can increase the percentage to save more wallet or change it longer. The initial setting is 85% approximately about 200 c.c.

How many volume can the smart diaper the be absorbed?

It'd be relative to the merchant price. Our maximum absorption us 500 c.c( 3times urine). However, it will be made uncomfortable for skin once beyond 200 c.c. (Avg. for elder is 60 c.c per time).If you demand for larger or customized absorption dippers, please let us know , thank you.  

Is it a diaper for children?

Sorry, our diaper is for Adults so far, if you interest in children's diapers please let us know, thank you.

Should the module open all day? long?How about the consumption?

It must be opened 24 hours. lithium battery can be worked a week around.

How far can the bluetooth detect?

1. 30 meters without obstacle.

2. It is unsure indoor. Basically, within 10 meters will be recommend

Is it comfortable with Cable and three clips?

In the diapers, it feels as same as normal diapers but the cable can transmit the signal from the sensor in the diaper. It is very important for notification of changing diapers.

How long is the warranty of smart diapers?

One year warranty for electric parts once you open the diapers, we consider the diapers as your personal so we don't return

Can I change if I buy the defective items?

One year warranty for electric parts once you open the diapers, we consider the diapers as your personal so we don't return

How to dress the smart diapers on?

What if I don't have bluetooth 4.0?

Our wireless module is follows bluetooth 4.0 technology so that your device must support it otherwise, if your mobile doesn't support bluetooth 4.0, you can buy a reader from us.



Where can I download the App?

Please goto googleplay to Download APP or you can click here download page

What happen if I hear the unusual alarm?

It could be the APP didn't receive the signal for a long time, please turn off your APP and restart again.

Can It use on iphone?

We have Smart Diaper ios APP  called wetness in APPs store but  we don't have Smart Clothes ios version now.

Still have question? Let us help with your inquiries to make your life better.

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