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NFC wireless singnal

Smart Clothes

measure temperature funtion
kick-off alart function
active alert function

​Monitor children's body temperature as easy as measure yours.

  • Data transmission: wireless active bluetooth long distance

  • Support NFC portable device

  • Range of detection temperature: 10℃ - 45 ℃ (resolution around 0.01)

  • Wireless module is easy to put off / on from your smart clothes

  • NFC version does not need battery


Better sleep quality

Body temperature detection without interruption during work / home and during sleep.

Woman Sleeping,

Don't need to get up to record BBt daily

It is easier to know the best time for pregnancy by your smart clothes.

Our clothes to wear can measure your Basal Body temperature without thermometer in every morning!
The good thing for this because smart clothes is more convenient and accurate while you are get up to measure your body temperature. Plus you won't forget to measure it because you already wear it. 

won't miss out kick off notice

  • No more chance to get cold via losing temperature

  • Nanny / Parents friendly

  • It will notify you to take care your child when the alert kick-off

baby is sleeping
monitor the fever condition

Monitor health condition

  • Save time, no invasive, and no tears

  • Safe and easy to record

  • According to studies, parents hate to measure body temperature while baby is unwilling to do so. In other words, the baby might feel uncomfortable because the measure instrument is too cold for him, especially with a fever body temperature.

Missing notification

  • Mobile application notification helps reduced the probability of missing children.

  • Send out alert to parents / nannies when the kid is out of sight.

describe a lost girl to represesent the scenario we have anti lost function in smart diaper








Demo video

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