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no rush to toilet

Smart diaper

No need to rush to toilet! Make your loved ones comfortable. 

  • Nursing alarm system: Identify feces and urine & Sent out notification

  • Wireless bluetooth 4.0 and NFC transmission linked to mobile application


Less chance getting bedsore, uti or rash

Stool detection can help the caregivers to manage their task promptly and reducing their checking task. It's more healthier to change new diaper dynamically to reduce any possibility of infection such as inflammation of the urethra(IU) if patients change it immediately with smart diaper notification.

Help caregivers know when to change diaper

Paranoia, hallucinations and delusions are common symptoms that a dementia caregiver should know how to handle. it can distinguish when to change subjectively by this technology to prevent misunderstanding. 

Special design

Three sensor covers all area which will detect urine accurately. Furthermore, this kind of sensor's battery can last one week or more. 


Anti-lost & humidity detection

It not only can detect incontinence and piss, but also its variation. 

Also, it also has a function to detect the distance between the phone (caregivers) and the diaper (senior). This function may use to keep the senior in our sight. 

We care for the people. Let us help with your inquiries to make your life better.

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