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"We take care of you."

- Sinopulsar



Provide real time care by monitoring and recording babies' health condition through mobile application.


Smart diapers

Simplify nursing tasks, such as changing diapers, and tailored to the efficiency of your workflows and the delight of the seniors. 


Smart clothes

Detect and provide real time body temperature by wearing Smart Clothes. 

Our mission is to cultivate a caring environment for our loved ones. Here, we continue innovation in IC technology, expand opportunities and bring different cultures and communities together. 

Referal group1:Happy family

Paul, Parent

My baby is about 2 months old now. As a novice parent, I was having a hard time sleeping at night because I need to do late-night check on my baby. All my problem solved, after I purchased Sinopulsar's Smart Clothes. This product can monitor baby's condition at night during my sleep and send out alert to my phone if anything happens.

Referal group2:Female Nurse

Nancy, Caregiver

Hi, I’m a nurse who works at a senior care organization. Introduction of Smart Diaper really reduces our workload by just changing a particular patient’s wetted diaper.

Referal group3:Senior user

Morris, Senior

This is Morris, lived in the retirement home for 5 years. I used to be a clean person. But my disability constraints me to go to toilet alone promptly. After I use the smart diaper with active alarm, it is easier to tell caregiver to change immediately. What's more it's less urine taste now. 

Together, we care for the people. Let's partner to create a more caring and communal corner of the world.

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