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Smart Diaper With Humidity Alarm Plus Anti-lost aid

The savior of the medical staff New smart adult diapers!


Who will use it?

Caregiver/Nursing home/Self-care cares with dementia or disability elders.



Composition: diapers + Independent design of MCU chip+sensor

Maximum Capacity:500cc


Kind of product:adult diapers and baby diapers

Features:store excreta , Bluetooth anti-loss,

PS:need download app




Now in the area of health care, the problem of defecation in the dementia crowd, old man has drawn increasing attention, This is a commodity change dynasty is very frequent times, Diaper on the market is always only reform in the comfort and size.Sinopulsar technology Co., Ltd. The traditional diaper reform.It adds a humidity sensor, Mobile app real-time monitoring of humidity, Bluetooth anti-lost function.  If you want more detailed of product information, please push "contact us" button contact us.


Key Feature

  • Defecation alert

The humidity sensor is embedded in the diaper, You can use the mobile app real-time monitoring, When the humidity exceeds the standard comfort value you set, the alert will tell the caregiver to change the smart diaper.

  • Anti-loss alert

With the Bluetooth function, when the user leaves over 30m, the phone alerts.

  • Power saving

Only a charge sensor can work continuously for a week,do not worry about frequent charging replacement problems.

  • Comfortable

Metal sensing line attached to a layer of non-woven fabrics, so that users do not have the foreign body sensation.

Blocking urine out to prevent the urine faces for produce air odor.

Tape repeated paste, to facilitate the nursing staff adjusting diaper position, do not worry about diapers shift caused by tape relaxation .

Quickly absorb urine, give the user the most intimate care.

  • Reusable

module and connection clips, disposable diaper


How to use?

Step1:Give the person in need diaper

Step2:Connect Diaper and white box with clips


Step3: Open the phone app


About Us

Sinopulsar Technology Inc., a professional company for digital and analog IC design, and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. It was founded in November 2003, builds on Hsinchu, incubator center of Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute(ITRI), the team has extensive experience in the design and the ability to innovate, and the main members have more than ten years of relevant work experience.

Sinopulsar have ready producted: Smart diaper, Smart clothes, Blood pressure meter, Heart rate monitor, temperature meter, NFC IC, Micro-control IC etc..

Sinopulsar will continue with roots in technology, and constant innovation development discipline, and developing the Internet key applications for medical and health care, frozen logistic, industrial safety control, smart buildings, smart home, and production experience.


IF you want to do B2B smart diaper business please

We also happy to your feedback

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