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Last time I saw my grandson, I Don't Remember His Name

He can't remember his son's name.

One my family member had dementia and disability condition 2 decades ago. my father, mother, little brother and I visited the great grandfather and great grandmother in my grandfather's home on weekends when I was a kid. I wasn't happy at that time because it took us a whole weekend staying in my grand father's house and sacrifice my little tiny leisure time to be with best friend in school. Life is changed. I remember my great grandmother had dementia one day, She told me that she know me but she wanted to ask my name again because she can't remember. I was shocked like a cat seeing the car in front of me. I told her few times but I give up because I came to see them every weekends. My great grandfather was gloating her about her dementia next to me when my great grandmother reminded me "What is my name? "


Looking back to this scene, they were much healthier than others because they are around 90 and it was later than the average happening time of dementia. I'm greatful that our family took care of them well so they can live longer. However, in her last few years, my great grandma still suffered the dementia and diabetes disease which means even a small wound on her skin would cause infection seriously. Besides, our big family took care of them with diapers.

Smart Diaper is the best aid for caregiver


Moreover, we monitored her diapers frequently. She had no wonder to wear it. And I think no one likes to wear a diaper with some urine and faces. So she want to remove it from her bottom. Most important of all, she can't go to the toilet by herself since the last fall down. Aging limited her joint range of motion. Atrophy muscle almost crashed her confidence down. She usually likes to go out without any purpose but she just want it and she've already forgot she can't move easily.

In this experience, I think when should the dummy family to change the elder diapers become a serious fact need to be faced in the first lesson. Secondly, when a person is monitored by caregiver when and where should he/she go to the toilet, is not a same situation as comfortable as your family asking your concern on the way in your car. So communication should be more precise and careful about how the care receiver thought without any emotional and aggressive word.

Overall, if there's a techonology smart diaper can help the caregiver to change the diaper, it won't be any issue related on above statement

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