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Smart Things Change The Appearance of Technology

We all know that China had been grown rapidly by fast commercial establishments, fundamental infrastructure and their government award their people to pursue the prosperity in a decade.

They can use their smart phone to order their followers to distribute to their lover, pay check even order the lunch box with the extra service: distributor will take away their garbage in their trash can and leave before they walk out of your office. However, there're some descriptions word which are not so relevant such as portable, IoT, and Smart Thing. In other words, some imagination and theory in caring system were already implemented on the reality. User who willing try to the new technology is not limited by the word such as "PDA", "Portable" and "Monitor device". Instead, nowadays, people care more about service, the quality and reliability of product and the equivalence price. So it seems like the regular consumers who going to shopping mall to buy some daily basis supplement.

The appearance of technology looks more easy to reach and catch up the consumers daily life. It seems like the consumer must have in their home or living but still exist some gap between the the desire and action. We all know that smart thing were invented by the experience in each field so the conventional products are the competitors of the smart things. Moreover, people needs to pay more price to afford the smart thing. Thus, there're some necessity and resource which must be figure out in the product plan. If a smart things could be defined as a additional value for the customers, the decision of the customer might wondering should they buy the trendy function or the conventional ones. If the product was planed to be the novel function with the specific field such as smart diapers for dementia or disability aged patients, that will be a next big things in the agedcare system. Because of the alarm function, the patients will be changed their wet diapers in the right time. The caregivers will be notify by the nursing home system or by their manageable mobile phone while they are going to different rooms to checking the diapers.

This feature will help the caregivers to plan their task dynamically instead of changing diapers statically. Overall, this smart thing will help the manager to control the scale of care-receivers on time and never to forget when the IoT system help them to manage.

Therefore, no matter where the consumer is , there is always a wisdom need before the smart things comes up.

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